4 Reasons Why You Must Watch TAZZA Films


The most recent movie from the TAZZA collection entitled TAZZA will formally start its very first testing at the CGV movie theater beginning today. The 3rd collection from movies adjusted from the comic from the exact same call has ended up being an obligatory option to view, really installation to go along with the last weekend break in September 2019.

The reason you should view a TAZZA movie


Gamer List

The movie made by supervisor Kwon Oh Kwang has handled to permeate 1 million audiences in 3 days, because this was formally aired on September 11, 2019. On the 10th day because of its launch, the movie has gotten to 2 million audiences. This accomplishment definitely can‘t be divided from the paddle from the gamers, consisting of :

Incredible Gamer Acting

With this paddle from stars, the movie that brings the category from activity, criminal offense, and a bit spiced funny inhabits a deep perception for the target market.

Aekku, a mystical bettor that showed up in the center from the life of a boy called Do Il Chool that is a dependable online poker gamer. Il Chool that was contented regarding the success he won throughout gaming with online poker, after that consulted with Madonna, a gorgeous lady that handled to take his interest. However sadly, Il Chool should skin that Madonna betrayed him and he shed a great deal of cash.

Clinically depressed, he after that chosen to sign up with the criminal offense team together with Kkachi, Young Mi, and Supervisor Kwon where Aekku as the leader in the act from scams with online poker gaming.

The story is not guessed

The story from the 2 hr 19 min movie handled to impress the audiences. Along with the incredible acting from the actors, the tale in this movie is communicated in fantastic information. Visualization is likewise a significant element that makes this movie king4d much more well worth viewing. Not a couple of sadistic scenes show up in this movie. Anyhow, if you wish to view this, do not be alone.

Kwangsoo’s look as a saucy villain

The last factor that makes this movie much more mandatory to view is among the personalities, Lee Kwang Soo. The star and comic, likewise referred to as a long-term participant in the SBS Operating Guy range program, been successful in thawing and tense the environment along the film’s course.

He plays Kkachi, a bad guy that readies at manipulating online poker cards. Throughout his objective, he was unrelenting in his setting from Young Mi that was a thief in the band from bad guys. Kwangsoo handled to tremble the tummy from the visitor with his ridiculous activities as a flirtatious bad guy versus ladies.

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