On Android 11, You May Be Able To Record Videos More Than 4GB


Android is arguably one of the most widely used cellular operating systems today. But one thing lacking in this OS is the limitation of video recording.

Where Android can only record videos up to 4GB in size which was first introduced by Google in 2014 when recording 4K videos on smartphones have just begun to appear.

Currently, when recording video and reaching the 4GB limit, the video will be split into several files depending on how long the recording is. Although users can put it together and make it as a whole video, it is not the ideal and rather troublesome way.

But maybe that limitation will disappear in the latest version of the Android OS called Android 11. Based on reports from XDA Developers in the description of the new commit in the Android Open Source Project Gerrit.

Where revealed that Google removed the limitation of 4GB video recording that actually had been requested by the Developers for a long time. In particular, Android will use a 64bit offset in mpeg4writer which allows it to create files/max larger than 4GB.

In testing, Google has managed to store 32GB of video and even a separate test is able to fill all the internal storage of the phone with just one recording.

It makes sense if Google finally removes the limitation of 4GB video recording because currently, many new smartphones are arriving with video recording support in various formats.

Like recording 4K video at 30fps which means it only has about 12 minutes to reach 4GB in size. In fact, Samsung and Xiaomi are reportedly working on their device with 8K video support which makes it useless if the 4GB limit is still applied.

At the moment there is no information on when the restrictions will be applied, although we will most likely see the latest version of Android, 11, which is expected to arrive next year as the successor to Android 10.

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