Why you need Internal and External Social Media Expertise


Conventional wisdom says that somebody needs to take charge of your company’s social media strategy, but should it be someone in-house or an outside expert? Probably both, given that managing a social media platform effectively takes about four full workdays a month, write Tim Devaney and Tom Stein, in a post at Forbes.

When wading into the social media morass, consider these steps suggested by Eve Mayer, CEO of consulting firm Social Media Delivered. Begin by figuring out specifically what you hope to gain by joining the social media frenzy.


Because effective social media management is so time-consuming, it’s best to start with no more than three platforms. Choose three that are most appropriate for your particular aims. If you have employees who spend a great deal of time on those platforms, you may already have the expertise you need. By keeping some of your social operations in-house, you may have a better chance of a personalized message.

When you’ve become active on multiple social platforms, it may make better financial sense to outsource some of the management. A dedicated consultant can ensure that the content is updated on a regular basis and that incoming posts are frequently monitored. It’s vital to be able to respond rapidly to customer input, particularly if it’s negative. When looking for outside help, examine consultants’ own social media messages to get a sense of how effective they can be for you.

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– see Devaney and Stein’s article at Tube8

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