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The very first thing you have to do to play the Hong Kong lottery is the really simple thing where you need to register on the site you want to play, of course, your data that you will enter into the registration form must be correct. Especially the account number that you will use to carry out the deposit and withdrawal process to make it easier for the process that will be carried out on you and sending prizes if you successfully win in one of those games.

Then you can choose which market you want to play such as HK lottery or SGP lottery and in other markets, you can choose the same as the one prepared by the site you choose to play. Actually, the lottery market itself has around 40 to 50 markets that provide services for playing this lottery. After you play this lottery, you can choose the Hong Kong market that you want to play later.


The game prepared by HK predictions itself is not just one game but many so that you don’t get bored easily in playing this lottery. Of course, the promos that are given to you after you register will increase your enthusiasm when playing this lottery game, later, for example, bonuses, for example, lifetime referral bonuses or deposit bonuses up to $5 and of course what some lottery players are looking forward to are prizes which reached millions of rupiah and several hundred million rupiahs. It is enough to pay a small fee, the prizes you will get can reach several hundred thousand to several hundred million rupiahs.

234D is a very fundamental game and favored by some Hong Kong lottery players where this game is the simplest game but this game is really popular in China and its surroundings because of the lightness of playing this game. You just have to guess four numbers with other places like ABCD where A is the US, B is KOP, C is Head and D is tail.

The 2nd game that is no less popular by some of the HK players itself is the Right Stick, where this game is called the simple versus a game of the 234D game where you need to guess one number from four numbers with a position like 234D, for example, the day the lottery results come out 2345 if you can guess one of the numbers above with the right place, then you are guaranteed to win. How? It’s easy?

The 3rd game which is called the game like the exact stitch is the free stitch where you need to guess a number from the 4D output in the free space. In the games above you need to spend a small amount of capital to get a profit of up to several hundred million dollars? How? This game is really liked by all groups, from the less fortunate to the rich who love to play this game. Other markets such as SGP lyrics and Syair sdy are also the most popular markets.

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